Monk And Baby Paintings

Two of my the last month painted acrylic images. Such a fast wet painting …

Zen Monk On The Hill – acrylic painting on a textured paper

Zen Monk On The Hill painting

Zen Monk On The Hill

Baby – acrylic painting on an old piece of a cardboard

Baby acrylic painting by Krzysiek Spiekly




Autumn Meeting Fest 2018 Done!

We’ve just finished the last night another edition our Autumn Meeting 2018 London Music Festival!

Autumn Meeting London Music festival 2018 leaflet

Thanks for all involved artists, all people that help us, for all of you who came to listen to these wonderful people and their extraordinary musical projects!

That was a solid dose of experimental, psychedelic and free improvised music.

See you next year my friends:)

Autumn Meeting London Experimental Music Festival 02.12.2018

New art event: Autumn Meeting London Experimental Music Festival 02.12.2018. Live music all afternoon and evening.


3.30-4.15      DJ Gregg Kontratone

4.15-5.15       Elektryza

“Abstract Expressions”

Mercedes Mareska- drums/percussion

Marcin Karczewski- bass guitar

Krzysztof Spieczonek- guitar

5.15-6.00       WondRWomN & the band

“Beats, scratches, live instruments and energy”

WondRWomN – Rapper

Mr Jones – Trombonist

Aaron Solsby – Guitarist

Amy – Bassist

 6.00-7.00        Rehab is for Quitters  

“Old School Punk”

Monika- drums, voc

Bartek- bass guitar

Krzysiek- guitar

Juanita- voc

7.00-8.00           Mirna Ray

“Spaced out, psychedelic, noise, funk”

Marcin Dzierbun- drums

Bartek Dzierbun- guitar-vc

Marcin Unold- percussion

Mercedes Mareska-flute

8.00-9.00               Apocalypse Jazz Unit

“AJU brings a heavy does of free jazz mixed with fun and power”

Rick Jensen+

9.00-10.00                Mr Jones’ Loud Music Group  

Mr Jones +

“A cacophony of drones, modal improvisations and multilayered polyrhythms”

10.00-11.00                     Elektryza+ DJ Gregg Kontratone+ Guest


Any questions contact me by internet media, please. Tx! See you there!

Spring Meeting Live Music Fest At Vinyl Deptford

Spring Meeting Live Music Fest At Vinyl Deptford 27 May 2018


Vinyl Deptford-independent music festival-London-27 May-2018-reverse


Spring Meeting 2018 Independent Live Music Fest at Vinyl Deptford.
Sunday 27 May 3pm – 10pm.
Free entry.
4 Tanner’s Hill, London SE8 4PJ
 Greg Konrady
experimental electric DJ set
noise free improvised music: Mercedes Maresca- drums, flute; Marcin Karczewski- bass guitar; Krzysztof Spieczonek- guitar
 Rehab Is For Quitters
London punk band: Monika- drums, voc; Bartek- bass guitar; Krzysiek- guitar; Juanita- voc
 Mirna Ray
noise psychedelic funk: Marcin Dzierbun- drums; Bartek Dzierbun- guitar, voc; Marcin Unold- percusion
Hardcore London
double bass and poetry set
 Matt Kirk
Matt Kirk is a producer, composer and DJ based in London. He writes predominantly for contemporary dance, theatre and clubs, where work has been performed across Europe as well as America in all three forms. A former art and music student between Camberwell, LCC and Goldsmiths, Matt is primarily interested in sound, rhythm and timbre.
Matt will be presenting a sound collage made up original music, collaborations with dancers, poets and other musicians, and the works of others.

Concert: Music Soundscapes And Installations Live Gig In Vinyl Cafe

Free improvised experimental noise electronic music evening on Sunday 20.08 Vinyl Cafe London Deptford, free entry, start 7pm.

Elektryza – London avant garde experimental noise music collective performing free improvised music. The group was founded by bassist Marcin Karczewski and drummer Norbert Kusztal  on London Arsenal Squat in 2012 and since then the group has been involved in many artistic events such as squat benefits, art galleries performances (concerts, exhibitions), experimental music festivals, musical arrangements for theatrical and performance live events. The core of the band today: Mercedes Maresca- drums, flute, Marcin Karczewski- electric bass guitar, Krzysiek Spiekly- electric guitar.

Elektryza image logo


Brendan O’Connor – based in London experimental live electronic electroacoustic orchestral noise composer and performer

As he says about one of his pieces of music: ” … A narrative is almost non-existent, and so the piece acts more as a dream, taking the listener from scene to scene, exploring different atmospheres and emotions based on the textures and timbres discovered through experimental methodologies.”